Meet Teresa Hessmann, LCSW



DBT Skills Training

My Hope for Wellness

I hope to support everyone to make changes and create a healthy community that we all want to be and feel a part of....true community, healthy, positive, and supportive.

I joined the Rock Creek Wellness team because it's close to my home and I can ride my bike! Well not really, but that is just an extra benefit! I love the vision and philosophy of Kim Doyle and I am excited to be part of promoting all aspects of living a healthy lifestyle in our community! 

For me,  every day is different, an adventure!

Interesting Tidbits

I love to travel just about anywhere outside in nature: hiking, biking, and being with friends and family. I really enjoy family beach weeks, filling up a house and playing games, enjoying the beach, building forts, body surfing, pizza dinner on the beach, dancing in the kitchen, etc.!

My family consists of my mom who lives in Beaver County. Also living there is my brother and sister-in-law. I have two sisters and their families who live in Pittsburgh. My husband and I have been married 27 years and live with our cat "Rootie" while our daughter is  a student at Penn State University.

In addition to being active in nature, I also enjoy camping, gardening, and sewing. I simply couldn't live without some sort of physical activity in my life and you might not want to be around me when it is lacking! My favorite meal is Chinese broccoli and garlic sauce. 

Make an Appointment

If you're interested in meeting with Terri, call Rock Creek Wellness at 724.269.7222 or schedule with her today!