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Our mental health services include an experiential learning environment where we not only talk about how to regulate your emotions and tolerate the painful aspects of life but we allow you to experience it in the safety and comfort of a caring and nurturing environment. At Rock Creek Wellness you have access to a multidiscipline approach to helping you reach inner peace. We don’t just experience life in our heads so we need to process our experiences in a healthy way through our mind, body and spirit. Rock Creek Wellness creates a practice environment for relaxation and self-care so that you can not only let go of stress but begin to ward some off! 

Rock Creek Wellness is on the cutting edge of trauma treatment specifically and mental health in general and why not provide these services to everyone in an effort to avoid from problems developing? We all need to learn to take care of ourselves. Many of our problems stem from a lack of self-care. To function optimally in our lives and in our relationships, we need to first love and care for ourselves.   

My Hope for Wellness

My hope is that our focus continues to be shifted away from disorders and diseases and focus on setting ourselves up for success. Our culture is so caught up on having a fast pace, always on, always producing, 24/7 sensational and stimulated way of life. My hope is that more people show their bodies that they can tolerate stillness and that they can create stillness in their minds… and that there is benefit in it! My hope is to move away from a culture of consuming products and away from an industry of marketing utilizing shame propaganda to motivate sales and move toward one that respects the beauty of individualism, difference, and variety that is found within the human experience. 

Interesting Tidbits

I love it when I can wake up 2 hours before the demands of the day need attention. My day goes so much better when I can take a half hour to cook breakfast and sip a hot drink in the winter months. In the summer, sitting on the back deck looking off to the sun rise, trees and neighboring houses grounds me to the importance of my community with others and the environment. It allows me to put my day in perspective and focuses my attention on the purpose I serve within it. 

I also love to spend some time in the morning reading the Bible and/or devotionals. I try to hold on to this throughout the day with each client, friend, family and stranger I come into contact with. I want their interaction with me to be pleasant and give them a moment of joy or at least security in knowing who I am is what they see. I also love to enjoy life with family and friends! In this, I try to be open to experiencing new activities that support my well being. Running, hiking, biking or walking trails through the woods or alongside the local lake. I have even opened myself to enjoying winter scenes and weather by snowshoeing!  In the evening I like to close down the day by turning down the lights about 1-2 hours before bed and reading a good book or watching educational videos that will help me grow and mature as a person and as a provider. I would not want to live without my spiritual connection. Without it I would be caught up in the ways of the world competing for the most consumption and favor among others. The world would dictate my decisions and make me feel shameful at times when I am different or not preferred by others. I would constantly be chasing after something that can never be achieved or caught for any substantial duration of time. I would never feel loved or good enough for this world. Life without it would be intolerable for me to live!  

I love to travel anywhere! I love witnessing and exploring the world! I prefer to travel places that put in touch with culture-people, foods, activities, and land where I can learn and grow. I enjoy experiences that give perspective to time and community with others and to the environment. I like to be unfocused on the self and my own life/responsibilities while vacationing! 

I enjoy learning and experiencing new things. I like to get outdoors as much as possible to kayak, run, bike, hike, walk and sit in nature. I also enjoy exercise in the form of a formal fitness classes such as yoga, spin, and CrossFit.  

I am not a great chef but I do love to eat! My favorite meal is to have prepared for me is grilled cedar plank salmon, portabella mushrooms, with green beans or asparagus!  

I love to learn so anything that educates me on history, culture, politics, religion, or social injustice.

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