Meet Nicole Warren



Massage Therapy. Nicole specializes in chronic pain management and deep tissue therapy. She includes many modalities in each individual massage session to aid in the whole wellness of the client. Nicole is also certified to work with cancer patients, pregnant women, infants and senior citizens. 

My Hope for Wellness

A holistic approach to patient care. I would like to see more of a focus on self and preventative care and less focus on pharmaceuticals. 

Ineresting Tidbits

Nicole was born and raised in nearby Jamestown, PA. She returned home to Mercer County after the Navy and has one daughter. A typical day for Nicole is mommy mode in the morning, work flow in the afternoons and family time in the evenings.  She is a huge hockey fan (Go Pens!) ,loves to cook and go on outdoor adventures like hiking, kayaking and biking. She couldn't live without travel or Asian cuisine.