Meet Katelyn Struthers, NASM CPT



Currently, Katelyn serves as Marketing Coordinator for Rock Creek Wellness with a background in Communications. Katelyn is also working towards a Master's of Exercise Science and Health Promotion and has recently become a Certified Personal Trainer. The personal training program at Rock Creek is in development so stay tuned! 

My Hope for Wellness

Wellness isn't any one thing, it's many things brought together in the mind, body and spirit. In 2013 when I unexpectedly lost my brother, I had to find strength from God for my grieving parents and myself as a wife and mom. To be everything I could for them, I came to the realization that I had to take care of myself first. This change led me to lose over 100 pounds and gain a different outlook on life. We're often under the impression that taking care of ourselves is a lavish luxury or sometimes selfish, but it's just the opposite. I hope that everyone can find some way to care for themselves each and every day, whether its a workout, massage, counseling or prayer and meditation...or even better, all of the above!

Interesting Tidbits

I live outside Jackson Center with my husband and two sons. We have 24 acres upon which I enjoy walking an abandoned rail bed or hunting. My absolute favorite place in the world is Ocean Isle Beach, NC. I love traveling, we lived in Utah for a few years and traveled the west coast extensively. I've also been to Australia. In the summer you can often find me on my paddle board or bicycle, I'm also a board member for Mercer County Trails Association. My weaknesses are football movies and ice cream!

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Check back as we develop the personal training program at Rock Creek Wellness!